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Aircraft Soda Blasting

Today’s aviation requires the latest in technology as well as an awareness of environmental concerns, especially when it comes to cleaning planes and parts. Not only are chemical strippers and sanding slow but they also can often require toxic and expensive cleanup themselves. Soda blasting removes all coatings and simple water can be used to clean up afterwards and since applications do not require prewashing and masking there are no size limits for parts being stripped.

Professional Work Done on Schedule

Leonard soda blasting can meet your needs within the fixed and rotor wing marketplace and let you take advantage of the unique properties of soda blasting. We can speed the process of your major and minor repairs, alterations and modifications to sheet metal and composites. Our reputation for on time delivery and unmatched quality has made us the premier soda blasting service.

Safe, Non-Toxic Process

Soda blasting technology employs the extraordinary physical characteristics of the sodium bicarbonate crystal. It has other chemical benefits and properties such as a benign nature, low pH and water solubility and these have contributed to its successful application and preferred use on high-value parts and critical components. Baking soda is water soluble making cleanup and surface preparation faster and easier than with errant media that may form a light dusting or collect in blind holes of recessed areas. Baking soda is the only soft-abrasive material that allows for complete removal by simply rinsing with water. Soda blasting has filled a very important niche within the aerospace industry.

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