Fire & Water Damage

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Fire & Water Damage

After a fire, the last thing you want to worry about is more damage and toxins from the cleanup process itself. Even a minor house fire leaves behind a major mess and there’s more to the destruction than meets the eye. There is the obvious fire damage plus smoke and water damage, not to mention the pervasive smell. Often there are repairs that need to be done and the first step is always to clean up the mess from both the fire and the process of putting it out.

After the Fire

When cleaning up after a fire and prepping for reconstruction many challenges will be encountered, such as the smell of smoke; soot and other residues; charred but salvageable rafters, beams, and flooring; and smoked up but salvageable fireplaces and basement walls.

Soda Handles a Number of Issues

Soda blasting is extremely effective way to handle the many different areas that need to be addressed after a fire. During fire restoration projects soda blasting is the preferred technique because it will effectively remove ash and soot from a sensitive substrate like wood or brick without damaging the surface. In addition, it also has the ability to neutralize most of the burn smell associated with structure fires.

Safe, Non-Toxic & Thorough

Baking soda blasting services are the method of the future when it comes to handling fire damage. Due to its low relative hardness of 2.5 and its exceptional odor neutralizing properties, baking soda blasting is a natural choice for restoration professionals. Leonard Soda Blasting is experienced in removing toxic residues, soot, and associated smells after a fire and we’re happy to work with your insurance company to make sure that your home or business is clear of fire and smoke damage.

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