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Food Processing Equipment

Soda blasting is perfect for cleaning food processing equipment and machinery and offers a range of benefits over other cleaning methods. Baking soda itself is a food item, which makes it the perfect environmentally friendly solution to clean equipment used in food processing and food preparation.

Soda Blasting is Fast, Thorough and Effective

Removes limescale from cooking and boiling equipment. Also removes heavy baked-on carbon deposits, oil residues, organic residues, grease, wax and protein buildups.

Safely cleans copper, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic tile, mixing tanks, steam tubes, galvanized steel, heat exchangers, cooking kettles, baking molds and trays, plastic and nylon components.

Clean & Degrease Safely

We use soda blast media in a process similar to sandblasting. However unlike sandblasting, soda has no hard dust particles to affect operating parts. The process is gentle enough to remove the coating without harming the substrate and virtually any coating can be removed from most any surface.

Soda is an extremely versatile abrasive that can be used on the toughest of coatings and the most sensitive of surfaces. It’s an effective method for degreasing equipment and at only 2.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale soda will not wear even the most sensitive surface. This makes it excellent for cleaning critical components with machined tolerances or detailed contours that must be maintained. Soda can be used without damage or distortion to ferrous and non-ferrous metals and soda can be used safely around pumps, seals, bearings, and even rotating equipment without causing damage.

Non-Toxic, Easy Cleanup

The sodium bicarbonate media used for soda blasting is non-toxic and can be washed away with water at the end of the cleaning process. Take a look at your equipment and consider how much easier it would be to clean it with a safe, non-hazardous cleaning process that is not only quick but surprisingly affordable.

FDA, OSHA, EPA and USDA Compliant

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